Our Sunnyland Services

Our services are designed for midwest hemp farmers who are looking for efficient and cost-effective solutions. With over 5 years of experience in hemp, Sunnyland Kansas delivers exactly what you need with quality and accuracy.


Hemp Drying




Hemp Harvesting

Quick & Efficient

Our batch and rotary dryers are made specifically for drying freshly harvested hemp biomass to precise moisture levels. We use moisture readers, specific heat settings, and low-disturbance methods to ensure a high-quality drying process.

Over 5 Years of Experience

We planted our first hemp seeds on our Oregon farm in 2015. Since then, our family has become experts in seed sourcing, land prepping, growing practices, harvesting, drying, and beyond. We are here to help farmers like you succeed in growing and processing the hemp plant.

Fast & Affordable

Harvesting hemp is one of the most laborious and time-consuming jobs for hemp farmers. This season, let Sunnyland be your solution. With our mechanized stripper header, we are able to harvest 10 acres of hemp per day at a fraction of the cost.