Hemp Drying

Quick & Efficient

Sunnyland offers two types of drying services. For small to medium acreages, we utilize a specialized “batch” drying system to carefully and efficiently dry hemp biomass. Our batch dryers are temperature controlled and can accommodate all types of hemp biomass - from pure flower to a mix of flower, leaves and stem.

For grain and fiber farmers, our custom-built, rotary dryer offers a high-capacity throughput as well as separation of biomass, hurd, and seeds.

Our Sunnyland Drying Services

Rotary Dry

Meet Lime Rickey, the newest addition to our Newton, KS drying operation. Custom built, in collaboration with SDS (Superior Drying Solutions), this high capacity industrial machine can dry thousands of pounds of hemp per hour, providing fast turnaround solutions to high acreage hemp farmers.


Batch Dry

Our tried-and-true batch dryers are perfect for feminized hemp farmers who want a delicate but expedited drying process. Our drying team uses moisture readers, variable temperatures, and low-disturbance methods to ensure a high-quality end product.

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